Habeetats solitary bee nesting shelter 6 mm as pictured but with smaller holes

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Designed by architect JeppeUtzon.com 

What's in the box?
Habeetats nesting shelter (mount included)
Complete list of garden plants for solitary bees  
Habeetats installation and upkeep manual
Habeetats fact sheet 'newspaper' on solitary bees
l. 250mm | w.130mm | h.120mm
8mm holes as pictured (dimensioned for leafcutter and mason bees)
6 mm holes as pictured but with slightly smaller holes available (dimensioned for leafcutter bees) 

Handmade in Denmark

Habeetats nesting shelters for solitary bees are made from 100% repurposed Dinesen Douglas and produced by Habeetats in Copenhagen.

Founded by André Amtoft and designed by Danish architects Jeppe Utzon and Henrik Ingemann Nielsen Habeetats nesting shelters are based on prototypes developed and tested by biologist Anja Amtoft Wynns.

For more information visit www.habeetats.com